Quality Control & Assurance

In our view, only the very best is ever good enough for our customers.

When it comes to product quality, we rely on the expertise and meticulous approach of our employees in terms of quality assurance. They have the comprehensive know-how to meet the growing needs of our customers and legislators, whatever they may be. An in-house team of experts at Wünsche Asia ensures compliance with stipulated standards and specifications. 

Our quality control staff check the goods produced directly at the local site, which enables us to guarantee a consistent standard of quality. On the technical side, we have our own laboratories for product testing within Wünsche Asia. 

Other services in quality assurance include: 

  • Support in procurement processes  
  • Generation of product specifications  
  • Inspections at production sites  
  • Testing by our own technicians and engineers 
  • Audits for new products  
  • Examinations   
  • Claims management   
  • Reporting and evaluating

What’s more, we utilise a worldwide network of laboratories well-practiced in working with one another. This allows us to be present in the direct vicinity of various production sites. We work closely with almost all of the major independent testing institutions, from the idea to shipping to our customers. 

Within Wünsche Asia, experts from quality assurance are involved as early as product development. We therefore use their extensive experience to continually improve serviceability, composition and the control of tolerances.

Quality assurance is our back-up in the development of market-ready and competitive products.