Come and meet a company with 8 offices serving the whole of Asia: Wünsche Asia. As part of the Hanseatic Wünsche Group with over 30 offices worldwide and more than 25 independently operating companies, we are a company that has a history of doing many things a little bit differently. For instance, our standard is to be economically successful and, at the same time, fair and responsible. We not only place high demands on our partners and suppliers, we place them on ourselves, too – proving that dynamics, farsightedness and straightforwardness are natural parts of our DNA. 

These principles helped us to gain a foothold in Asia over 30 years ago and ensure we are able to handle change in the modern world with a fresh and flexible attitude. And it ensures our employees and partners can fully and entirely rely on us. Even in a highly complex world, we do business according to simple rules. Welcome to the world of trade – the world of Wünsche, the world of wishes.