Our strength is your added value.

Wünsche Asia is the specialist in purchasing longer-lasting foods from Asia. With over 30 years’ experience, we are one of Asia's most experienced purchasing companies. In the fruit, vegetables and fish products categories, as well as innovative, country-specific convenience products, we are regarded as an esteemed international trading partner. Our strength lies in being able to meet complex requirements from the field to the shelf safely and efficiently and in developing customised solutions on a global scale. 

Thanks to our focus on categories, our customers gain global transparency on the competition, harvests, catch quotas and the latest market developments through our German company Wünsche Food. Partnership-style cooperation with leading international production companies is important to us. We offer them a global customer network as well as a variety of sales channels for shared growth. 

The variety of our Asian sites means that we are able to serve the global demands of the modern-day food industry directly and locally at all times.

As a food specialist, our aim is to always spot the latest trends in buying behaviour early. Together with our colleagues in Germany, we develop innovative products and new ranges in a targeted manner. From the concept to the sales launch, we guarantee seamless implementation - throughout the world. 

Our employees make this solutions-focused service possible. Thanks to in-depth experience from the fields of industry, retail, production and category management, we are able to master the growing challenges of the food retail sector and create added value for customers and production companies alike. Through our in-house quality management system, quality inspectors check compliance with international social and quality standards with every shipment - 24 hours a day.

We help our customers to be attractive for their customers.

Whether it be fruit, vegetables or fish products, convenience products or national specialities: we respond quickly and directly to the competition, to harvests and catch quotas, and of course all market developments.

Our exceptional experience in the food sector helps us to ensure that we are able to handle any challenge from the world of food retail and create added value for customers and producers.

From the field to the supermarket shelf: we know what we're doing. Our employees ensure our service is always solutions-focused. On the ground, our teams monitor compliance with international social and quality standards.