When the market changes, we act immediately.

Detailed product knowledge and close cooperation with our production partners in Asia form the basis for our success in the Electronics sector. The targeted selection and procurement of contemporary and technically sophisticated electronics equipment with a good price/performance ratio is our core area of expertise - it helps trade and delights the general public.

Wünsche Asia, with its specialists in electronic goods, has adjusted perfectly to this fast-moving industry with its lightning-fast market changes and short product cycles.

Whether it be performance, product design or usability, or all of the above, our goal is to optimise existing products and develop completely new ones. The market may seem unfathomable for many - but not for our experts, who pick up on trends and innovations very early on. 

Our particular area of expertise lies in our ability to map the entire service chain for our customers: from product development, production monitoring and quality assurance to delivery and logistics. Wünsche Asia, with its electronics specialists, develops every product conceivable and provides services to match - and all from a single source, naturally.

The entire service chain fits under our roof.

The electronics market is dynamic and is characterised by short product cycles. The synergy from a young and energetic team and many years of experience on this market form the foundations of our success.

Our products are technically sophisticated and extremely competitive. Our portfolio is extensive, and we are constantly working on ways to optimise it even further.

A motivated and professional team in quality assurance and control assists us in our efforts to manufacture high-performance products that are totally safe.