Core expertise

Our suppliers are our partners.

Since Wünsche Asia has existed, we have adopted a forward-looking, partnership-inspired approach. We're not looking for quick, short-term success. We rely on shared developments and long-term relationships and treat our long-standing trade partners from all over the world with respect and fairness. 

Wünsche Asia’s suppliers must meet the highest demands in terms of reliability, social standards and quality. To achieve this in the long term, our competent employees on site support our international partners.

We can rely on our team 100%.

Our employees are our capital – they are what makes Wünsche Asia so successful. We trust them and rely on their ability to take responsibility and to support one another. Unnecessary hierarchies are not who we are. We prefer to encourage an open culture of feedback – in both directions. This means we not only have a great company culture, we also have a great company balance sheet.

The independence of a family-owned company ensures rapid decision-making, less bureaucracy and a forward-thinking approach. So we are the perfect employer for anyone who loves to learn and who brings with them energy and the ability to inspire others.

We understand the procurement markets of the future.